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House open for all, light, clean and comfortable

We are located in the center of Old Liepaja, in the silent, historical, wooden construction embosomed street - just a few minutes walk from city center and only 15 minutes walk till the sea.
If you want to feel like at home, you love silence and peace, then our guest house “Porins” doors will be kindly opened exactly for you.
In 1899 built house after a century get its second juvenescence.
Guest house is called in honour of house first owner – Mr. K.Porins.
We offer place for relaxation for business people who are tired after intense working day and tourists who have come to visit Liepaja and its surroundings. Guest house have an unusual aura and every guest feels it – slumber in “Porins” after a hard working day is sweet and refreshing.
Our enterprise is not large, but it helps us to keep a live contact with our client. In levee sphere we have over 6 years experience.
Positive references and frequent visitors cheering recommendations give us an incentive for expanding, us a result we have done a reconstruction of old house and built a new.
For now in both houses – new and old one – are established twenty accommodations for over than forty guests. Three of them are two-storied. A glazed elevator is built in the new part of the hotel. It is built and established in the course of one year and a motive of the tea, honey and bread is used in its interior.

There is also restaurant “Medus” (“Honey”) in the guest house "Porins". That is made according the project of the former resident of Liepaja Agris Padelis-Lins. Restaurant interior is original – for example wall, which set from birchen billets. Have been noticed, that in this wall lurk something uncommon tempting, because everyone who comes in the restaurant, wants to touch it.

Special offers Hotel Apartments Restaurant About us Liepaja city Photo gallery
Hotel "Poriņš" - Liepaja, Palmu street 5, LV-3401
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